Planet of The Arabs

A trailer-esque montage spectacle of Hollywood's relentless vilification and dehumanization of Arabs and Muslims.

This short has it all - art, political commentary, social meaning, action, explosions, pop culture... but mainly a point. How many times have you watched a film or a TV show that shows Arabs as terrorists, idiots, or somehow lesser than any other race of man? Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe more, and Palestinian/American artist/filmmaker Jacqueline Salloum seems to have spent a little time documenting them, because the concept of Planet of the Arabs is that she's made an action movie trailer out of scenes from existing Hollywood films, all of which come together to make an alarming point about how Arabs are showin in cinema. From the early days of cartoons, to the Muppet Show, to Chuck Norris films, to Back to the Future, we've been eating a steady diet of 'the Middle East wants to kill you' for so darn long, it takes something clever like this to wake us up to the truth. Inspired use of clips from the film Network illustrate an all-too salient point. We're the madmen. This is a must-see, and so is Jacqueline Salloum's website..

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